UI & UX Design

Resonate business success through usability

We craft innovative digital experience for startups and enterprises. Our deep understanding of the industry, rich experience and world-class strategies have helped us achieve new heights across diverse industries and build a repository of happy clients.

User Interface & User Experience Design

Right from conceptualization to support our expert team of UI/UX designers and specialists work closely with your core development team. We follow a well-defined process to understand your UI/UX requirements, prototypes, wireframes, UI development and usability testing. We also ensure creativity and usability infused at very stage of the project to make it a seamless experience and user friendly. We offer:

Strategy Consulting

Our service encompasses the six stages of the product lifecycle - conceive, define, engineer, design, develop and measure. We help you make the right choices to make your business have the competitive edge.

User Research

We start with defining your key business goals and objectives to create a roadmap for the complete product design, information architecture and content along with strategies for further interactions. The next stage includes mapping out your users personas, understanding their needs better and aligning your strategies with the actual user expectations. We propose scalable research methods and tools, according to your niche, based on budgets and time availability.

Usability Study

Our usability study solutions enable ease-of-use and cognitive workflow focusing on content inventory, architecture and sitemap analysis.

Interaction Design

Our team of experts incorporate user needs into design to create unique UI design patterns of interaction according to context. We structure the layout and design the user interface, with an aim to maximize site usability and simplify user experience.

Motion Design

At Freakcoders, we offer end-to-end motion design services that encompass visuals, typography and plain motion graphics. With expertise to initiate motion graphics even with a simple script, our artists create a storyboard and transform it into engaging content by syncing audio and visuals.

UI Engineering

Experts in modeling information for complex systems, we offer structural designs, organize and label websites to support usability and seamless navigation. Using basic layout and structural guidelines for your products, we develop the wireframe to provide more visual details and interactive interfaces to your app or website.