Event & Tickets

Make Booking Smarter

We, at Freakcoders, incorporate the latest technology to develop customized and trending solutions to event and ticketing organizations. With our user-centric apps, flight, hotel, event train booking procedures can now become hassle-free and easy for your customers.

Events and tickets

Catering to a large audience, we aim to provide seamless booking experience to both mobile and web users. Our developers have created holistic approaches using the most-advanced development technology. We have designed user- friendly websites that are compatible with any device. This will help our client to target the audience suitable for the hosted event.

End-to-End Services

Our team of developers create apps and portals that ensure real-time booking experience for streamlined administration and great attendance. In this way users can view real-time seat availability, distance from the screen, multiple shows across various regions and alike.

Robust Technology

We integrate the event management software with your existing application to increase the audience engagement and attendance rate. We have developed event ticketing apps for mobile, wearables, cloud.

Deliver Superior Customer Experience

We provide customized solutions for online booking through secure, convenient and quickest way of buying tickets. Managing bookings, integrating payments, securing customer information, personalizing experiences will now be an easy task., as we incorporate top-notch big data solutions, payment gateway integration, point of sale services in our applications.