Digital Marketing

Witness exponential success in your business

With constant evolution of trends, digital marketing is the In Thing, these days. For us at Freakcoders, digital marketing is a way of life. Our team of team of highly motivated and passionate smarketers develops strategies and services that will not only enhance your digital media marketing ROI but also expand your reach. Our algorithmic bidding and cross-channel audience targeting techniques have delivered desired results.

Digital marketing
digital marketing solution

We build high-end digital experiences that easily metamorphose into offline experiences and help our clients tell their brand stories, build communities and transform business. For absolute online success, choose from the services we provide:

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services are designed to increase visibility within the algorithmic search results to direct high quality, targeted traffic to your website. We hold a track record of improving organic rankings of a website through strategic on- and off-site marketing tactics.

Affiliate Marketing

We assist you to incorporate various affiliate marketing solutions that include introduction, brand building, web advertising, and managing your affiliate network in the virtual world. Our experts execute your existing affiliate programs using new-age tools such as iDevAffiliate, iRox and Post Affiliate Pro.

Content Marketing

We help you define your objectives & develop a realistic strategy to run a successful business through our content marketing services. We have developed content strategies and content for many of our clients.

Social Media Marketing

Our social media services are designed based on your business, its objectives and challenges. We help you have total control of your messages across various social media platforms. Included in our social media marketing services are brand management, social PPC, social consultancy, reporting and analysis, and cross-channel promotions.

Search Engine Marketing

We follow a fully integrated approach when it comes to search engine marketing. Our SMM team has developed highly-functional and effective strategies for various businesses across many industries.

Email, Mobile and Video Marketing

We design high-impact email, mobile and video marketing services. We use videos to convey messages, illustrate complex ideas and persuade stakeholder. Leave lasting impressions with our services.

PPC Management

We understand the nitty-gritties of a business and develop a strategy accordingly. We create a PPC campaign strategy tailored for your business. Using the appropriate keywords, we build your existing campaigns and make sure they reach the target audience.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We utilize internal data alongside user feedback to maximize the potential of your website and improve your return of investment (ROI) from your existing audience. We offer services that include user experience (UX), reporting and analysis, conversion rate optimization, conversion funnel analysis.