What are the Top Trends of Healthcare Mobile App Development?

Healthcare mobile apps are certainly here to stay for long with a promising future. Reason for its ever-growing popularity is people awareness and consciousness for their health. Millennial has learned a lot about the health hazards from Generation X of baby boomers. They are not ready to take the same risks.  Health for sure is the topmost priority of most of the millennial. The best part is they are spreading the health consciousness culture in other age groups too.  

Multiple healthcare mobile app features have made it a top preference among users. Furthermore, few latest mobile apps trends are expected to accelerate healthcare copiously. If you are running a healthcare business then you must be aware of the same. Even if you are just a stakeholder in this industry it’s good to know how these mobile apps trends can make healthcare a market leader.

Latest Healthcare Mobile Apps Trends

  • Chatbots & Customer Support

Chatbots are the special feature in a healthcare app, programmed to resolve your issue at an initial stage. You can always choose your concern from the standard options. Their instant solutions can help you in connecting with the right person. If you are not able to get the required resolution then the customer care is always ready for a quick resolution.

  • IVR

Getting connected to an Instant voice recording through the click of a button on your mobile app is another trend to watch out for. Content of voice may not be as monotonous as it used to be. Users may expect some of the advanced features that can help them connecting with the right doctors instantly.

  • Live Chat with Doctors

Mobile apps have indeed simplified the life of the patients. By installing some features patients may get access to a specialized doctor from their Smartphones. Healthcare venture must have a ready list of doctors who can help their patients in multiple ways.  To get this feature the concerned business person must connect with healthcare mobile app development company  

  • Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already entered the market with a bang. When it comes to healthcare apps, AI is expected to deliver the best results. Patients can expect a quicker resolution of their ailments. By cutting down the human bias they can get accurate better solutions through AI technology. User may just have to give the command to get the apt procedure to take the treatment. This way they are saved from the hassle of standing in a queue that unnecessarily increases the stress.

  • Predictive &  Diagnostic Analytics

Data analytics has also played a vital role in arriving at any conclusions. Some advanced features of analytics like predictive & diagnostic have further found some more relevant solutions to many problems. One of the benefits of a healthcare app could be the advent of these latest analytics tools.

  • Other Cutting Edge Technologies: – Blockchain /Big Data/ Internet of Things

Technology has boomed like never before. It has come with so many latest developments that have made life better. Some of the latest cutting edge technologies that can accelerate healthcare apps are blockchain, internet of things and big data. Each one got their significance.  One feature that may be common could be their swift solution for patient’s treatment.

  • Suicide Control

There are so many healthcare apps trending with online counsellors. Mental ailments like depression may get quick treatment through these apps. The patient can immediately connect with the therapist by these mobile apps. This helps in controlling the sickness at an early stage which otherwise may lead to a suicide attempt.  

  • Cloud Computing

Many cloud storage features can be implemented on a healthcare app. One of the most common is software as a service along with many others. It can further help in installing multiple features in your app that is expected to trend in 2019 and the coming future. With the normal limited storage in the mobiles, it may not be possible.

After understanding these latest trends and benefits of a mobile app in healthcare, you must create one for your healthcare business.

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