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What is the Anticipated Cost and Features of a Real State Mobile App?

Real Estate

Amidst so many property scams happening, people have lost credibility on the traditional projects anticipated to complete over the decade. Even if they plan to choose ready to move apartments there are apprehensive as they are stuck in dealing with the brokers. Though some sites have bridged the gap but still a lot needs to be done to boost the real estate industry which is still at slump phase.

The only way to gain the credibility of your clients is the app way. Almost everyone has got Smartphone’s and on an average 9-10 mobile apps on every handset. It is anticipated that mobile apps download will increase to 45% to over 258 billion by 2022. People prefer to download the app that can give them the best utility. Not only it’s convenient to use the app but can give the users swift results too. Many Industries like food, e-commerce, and social-media have to reach the unicorn stage only through the apps. The only future of any industry to sustain is via a mobile app.

Scope of the real estate app is even more as it’s not tapped completely. As a real estate broker or an entrepreneur, you must have invested your time and money in Portal design and development of your website. At the same time must have searched or consulted many real estate website development services or any web development service. Not very sure how much traction you can get by using real estate website design service but a real-state app development can give you the best results for sure.

So before consulting any real estate website design company to get a new website or update existing, you must contemplate real estate app features, cost and returns on investments as well. You may like to alter your decision and like to develop a real estate app for your business after understanding its beneficial features. The cost that you may invest on the same can be more than compensated with the downloads of your real-estate apps.

Top Features of Real- Estate App

Any good real-estate app is loaded with so many features that may not be available in just website Portal design and development. From contacting your broker or merchant to sorting out property your app can facilitate with all. Let’s browse through few.

  • 3D/4D View

Though we are still at 3 D stage but can expect 4D also in future. So through this feature, you can an exact idea of look and feel of the property that you wish to have.

  • Using Filters

While buying a property some of the concern could be the cost locations and many others. If you are a real-estate business owner dealing in different properties then you can always add many filters for better user experience.

  • Down payment, Loans, EMI & Interest

The biggest concern of the buyers for the property could be how much instant payment they need to make for the property immediately. They may also like to know how much loan they can take and the EMI. By adding all these parameters on the app life of buyer become easy. They may be able to take quick decision by checking all that.

  • Prompt Communication

Sending email or message becomes convenient with the app features of the real-estate. Buyers can raise any issue or concern at the comfort of any space they are in by quick communication enable through the mobile apps.

  • Offers & Discounts

Best feature your users can avail is to get information about the instance offers and discounts available on the property they are willing to select. This can allure them to buy the choicest property even more easily and swiftly.

These are some of the most basic and essential features that you real-estate app can help you with. There are many more functionalities that a real-estate app can facilitate you with.

Cost of Developing Real Estate App

Cost of a real estate development app is based on so many factors. More features and panel you want more will be the cost for your real-estate. A basic app can be developed anywhere between 7000 USD to 15000 USD. You can get a decent app with most of the feature at a cost of around 20000 USD. You can invest more to add more add on features, there is no upper limit. More you invest in your app more features you can get.

To get your real-estate app done at a minimum cost and quicker you can get in touch with any of the real estate website design company who can help you get the customised app as per your requirements.

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