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Best Mobile Application Development Trends That Will Rule in 2019

When was the last time you checked your Smartphone? Most of you would have same answer i.e. just a few seconds ago unless you are on a digital detox. The year 2018 has reported having approximately 5000 million users of Smartphone. The number is increasing further with the growing speed of cutting edge technologies. Almost all the software has been converted into mobile apps because of its ease. The year 2019 promises to add some advanced feature that will make you fall for the latest Smartphone, even more, some of the Mobile app development
are highlighted below.

  1. More AI based Apps Artificial Intelligence is the latest buzz in the technology world. With its impact on all spheres of life can Smartphone app be any different? They are expected to revolutionize mobile apps like never before. You can just watch these apps and get them downloaded
  2. Blockchain Technology Usage With the Bitcoin boom what has come to the limelight is another technology i.e. Blockchain. It will certainly be used to create more impactful mobile apps.
  3. IT Security Apps  One of the Best Mobile App Design & Development can be seen it the IT security Apps that can ensure to provide advanced security features to your Smart Phones. 
  4. Chatbots Based Apps  Catboats based apps are all set to make your life easy. Smart chat bots you can get can help you familiar with the apps in a much more convenient way. Start exploring and some such apps must have been already launched. 
  5. Apps with stylish User Experience (UX ) User Experience is already been a game changer in most of the websites and software. The mobile application is no different when it comes to interacting with the users. The year 2019 has already shifted gears from the website to the mobile. UX becomes all the more important. Vibrant colors can undoubtedly help in getting more attention than the mundane color palette.
  6. AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page) Apps  In the Year 2019, you will see more apps that are AMP enabled. It especially helps in enhancing speed and swift browsing. Going ahead almost all the apps will be designed with such kind of feature. 
  7. Instant Apps  Instant apps are the innovative mobile app design & development tool  that can help you download just the part of app that is apt for your usage instead of downloading it completely . This will help you saving some storage yet resolving your problem too. 
  8. Content Oriented Apps  Content is the king is even true in the mobile apps world. All you need is detailed know-how about the mobile apps for its better usage. That could be possible with content that can be understood by the layman. 
  9. Curated Apps  Keeping in mind the requirement of the user’s year 2019 will vouch the launch of many apps that can serve multiple users at the same time. Some such health-based apps and likewise are already functional. Many more are expected to be launched and implemented soon.. 
  10. IOT based Apps  Talking about cutting edge technologies how we can forget the Internet of Applications (IOT) with these apps being operational you can connect your mobile apps with any wearable devices like smart watches or any other gadgets. 
  11. Cloud-Based Apps  Cloud can never go out of trend because of its multiple benefits. Though Smartphone’s are coming up with better storage cloud-based apps will always be in demand to enable multiple mobile apps at the same time. 
  12. Cashless Investment Apps  One of the best advantages of digitization is cashless transactions. Mobile wallet has become even handier and easy to use. With the increased usage of such mobile app based walled more cashless apps with better utilization of funds are expected to be launched in the year 2019. 
  13. Project Management Apps  Mobile app development trend 2019 indicates more apps designed for Enterprise usage. Some such apps might be used for the execution of bigger projects. More businesses are expected to make the usage of such apps mandatory for the smooth workflow. 
  14. User Interface (UI)  focused Mobile App Mobile Apps with a better User interface can make your work much easier. With latest Mobile app design & development you can expect the apps with Better UI. 
  15. Emotional Intelligence Based Apps  One of the most innovative Mobile app development trends is the usage of Emotional Intelligence based apps. People like to have the app that they can emotionally connect with. 

With so many latest Mobile app development trends, you have even more reasons for your Smartphone addiction in the Year 2019. Choose the one that is most suitable for you instead of choosing randomly and occupying the storage space of your mobile. 

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